About Broadband International


Broadband International engineers and manufactures broadband amplifier “drop-ins,” complete stations and accessories - enabling broadband operators worldwide the ability to reduce customer service interruption and time-on-site for the technician while simultaneously eliminating the need for full-splicing when replacing modules.

BBI’s modules are available in a variety of configurations and are designed to meet individual system requirements and interoperate with all existing industry amplifiers. Multi-vendor cable networks are complex; your amplifier solution shouldn’t be. BBI provides the flexibility today’s operators need to deploy the right amplifier configuration for their network.

BBI’s products are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art global headquarters in Medley, Florida. The “strength behind our signal” lies with BroadBand International’s elite team of engineers and global-reaching sales experts and customer service professionals.


Our staff of over 180 engineers, assembly technicians, quality-control specialists, inventory management and shipping professionals guide the process from concept through field deployment. From the smallest accessory to a full-scale, multi-module, complete station or drop-in solution configuration from 550MHz to 1GHz, we’ll get you what you need, on time.


BBI’s team of engineer’s custom builds and designs cutting-edge modules and accessories for the industry’s leading broadband networks. With over 250 years of broadband design expertise and hundreds of thousands of modules deployed worldwide, including most major cable operators, you’ll have complete confidence in our products’ performance and reliability.


Our team of sales executives has over 75 years of combined broadband sales experience and will work with you to determine the right module approach for your network. BBI will determine your signal-strength needs, and help customize your drop-in or complete station configuration for maximized efficiency. Our post-sale professionals will provide you with personal service for any follow-up needs you may have.

Contact us: 305-883-9333