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We are proud to announce that Broadband International is now a Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. approved manufacturer and supplier of plug-in equalizers, cable simulators, directional couplers and splitters for the following specific Scientific Atlanta legacy products: Flamethrower®, Laser Link®, Proteus™, RF Link®, and, TEXSCAN® amplifiers.

Our engineering department is constantly designing NEW PRODUCTS. The following list is updated automatically and contains some of our most recent releases:

Try our EQ Calculator, and learn how a cable span can affect your signal levels. Simply input the start and end frequencies of your network, your initial levels, choose your cable model and the length of your cable span. The EQ Calculator will approximate the signal levels at the end of the cable span and the equalizer/cable simulator needed.

EQ Calculator (mouse over here)



Call 305-2316916

or email to marketing@broadbandinternational.com

to order your copy of our full catalog, cd (e-catalog) or brochure.





We made upgrading easier

Why would you replace the whole housing when you can just replace the module? All our amplifiers from the new FAST PAC (TM) series are Ready to go. They use the existing OEM housing to upgrade the amplifier's bandwidth to 870MHz.

- 1 min. of network downtime (therefore, virtually no customer complaints);

- no need to respace/resplice;

- no need to buy/install new power supplies;

- use same universal Fast PAC (TM) plugins for all your amplifiers (lower stocking costs).

Can you realize how much money/time you'll save?


6-Pac (6 Port Amplifiers Conversion) modules are the first 870 MHz direct replacement modules for
existing OEM 6-port amplifier housings.

6-Pac modules are available for:

  • Scientific-Atlanta ® 450/550 MHz SlimLine ® trunk amplifiers
  • GI/Jerrold ® 550 MHz SX trunk amplifier
  • Philips/Magnavox ® 450/550 MHz trunk amplifiers

more info and specs

4-Pac (4 Port Amplifiers Conversion) modules are available for:

  • Scientific-Atlanta ® 450/550 MHz Distribution Amplifier (DA)
  • GI/Jerrold ® 550/750 MHz Mini-Bridgers ®
  • Philips/Magnavox ® 550/750 MHz Global Network Amplifiers ®

more info and specs

2-Pac (2 Port Amplifiers Conversion) modules upgrade line extender modules and other two-port
amplifiers. 2-Pac is available for:

  • Scientific-Atlanta ® 450/550/750 MHz series 1, 2, and 3 line extenders
  • GI/Jerrold ® 450/550/750 MHz line extenders (JLE, JLP, JLC, JLX)
  • Philips/Magnavox ® 450/550/750 MHz line extenders
  • Texscan/Antec ® 550/750 MHz X-Pal line extender

more info and specs

Multimedia presentations

Check out our interactive multimedia guides for  to view the usage, descriptions and links to all available accessories for the most popular modules (more presentations are coming soon).

Scientific Atlanta Gainmaker ®

Our Visual guide to the Scientific Atlanta Gainmaker ® accessories is the easiest way to find a replacement part for this popular module. Simply mouse over an accessory to view its description and usage, or click on it to go to the page with all the part numbers and values available.

BRSA (SlimLine ® reverse module)

The BRSA is used in the Scientific Atlanta trunk amplifier housing. Our Visual guide shows all the accessories available both for the original Scientific Atlanta part and for the BroadBand International version of the module. The presentation provides description and usage for all the accessories, as well the analyzer's trace of the module response.

BroadBand International® is an independent manufacturer of its products. BroadBand International® is not a sales agent for C-Cor-ADC-Philips/Magnavox, G.I. Motorola, Scientific Atlanta-Arris-Sylvania-Texscan-Antec, Augat-Thomas & Betts-ACI or Harmonics.

© 2003 BroadBand International, Inc. Medley, FL. USA

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