Signal Directors, 1.2 GHz
Signal Directors, 1.2 GHz

Signal Directors, 1.2 GHz


Jumper, Splitter, and DC8/12 for Mini Bridger and SLE up to 1.2 GHz.  These 1.2 GHz signal directors are backwards compatible to all Ergonomic designed amplifiers including 870, 1000, and 1218 MHz BBI or OEM amplifiers.

Usage: Broadband International® 4PAC-MOT Mini Bridger and Commscope®/ARRIS®/Motorola® StarLine® Series Mini Bridger Amplifier (MB) and SLE

OEM P.N. BBI P.N. Values
Jumper 800MBJ Jumper
700-309 700-309 Jumper
SP120 317104 2-Way Splitter
DC120/8 319108 DC-8
DC120/10 319110 DC-10
DC120/12 319112 DC-12

Spec Sheet Download
BBI Mini Bridger Signal Directors 1.2 GHz Data Sheet.pdf click to download pdf